Cookie Policy

The Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy explains how and when we use cookies when you visit our website. We are honest about how we collect and use your information. To know about how we use cookies, do give it a read!

What is a cookie?

We send them to your computer or cell phone as small message documents. They are unique to your record. Session cookies exist only while your programme is running and are automatically deleted when you exit it. Persistent cookies are stored in your browser until they are deleted by you or your programme, or until they expire.

Do we use cookies?

Indeed. Cookies, as well as similar innovations like single-pixel gifs and web signals, are used. To provide you with benefits or to make it easier for you to navigate the site, we use both session-based cookies and persistent cookies. We use both our cookies and third-party cookies on the site, such as Google Analytics.

How do we use cookies?

A few cookies are linked to your account and personal information to remember that you are logged in and which administrations you request. Different cookies aren't linked to your account. They are, however, exceptional, allowing us to conduct research and customization, among other things.

Cookies can be used to remember you when you visit our site or use our services, remember your preferences, and provide you with a tailored experience based on your preferences. Cookies also improve the efficiency and security of your collaboration.

How do we use cookies for advertising?

Cookies and other forms of promotion innovation, such as reference points, pixels, and labels, assist us in advertising more effectively to clients who we and our partners believe may be interested in our administrations. They also help us gather inspection, examination, insights, and detailing data, as well as recognise when content has been displayed to you.

How do you set cookies if you do not want them?

You may prefer not to accept cookies, which is why most programmes provide you with the option to manage cookies according to your preferences. You can also modify cookie options for each specific website in some programmes.

Additional programmes should be found in the documentation provided by the developer of your application. On Google Analytics' website, you can disable third-party cookies.

Using the Digital Advertising Alliance's promotion servers, you can opt-out of interest-based targeting. You can also change your gadget settings on your iPhone, iPad, or Android to limit whether or not you see online interest-based advertising.

Note! You risk degrading your overall client experience and losing access to services that are no longer personalised to you if you disable the ability for websites and applications to set cookies. It may also prevent you from saving changed login credentials.

Get in touch with us!

If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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